dan_collins1Dan Collins is a long-term veteran in the telecommunications industry, and is a recognized expert in RF engineering, spectrum management, and radio regulatory matters – in recent years focusing on RF exposure matters and FCC/OSHA compliance.

Prior to joining Pinnacle Telecom Group, Dan was vice president of RF engineering and regulatory consulting at Edwards and Kelcey. His “TeamRF” gained national and international recognition by developing a unique methodology for determining the RF interference potential to microwave stations from C-band satellite earth stations operated in-motion aboard ships. This groundbreaking work has become the basis for FCC and ITU adoption of a new spectrum allocation and frequency coordination procedure for the Maritime Mobile Satellite Service.

Dan began his career with AT&T Long Lines in microwave radio engineering, subsequently moving to AT&T corporate headquarters in the technical policy planning organization. There, he directed overall Bell System radio spectrum policy and practice, including developing and representing AT&T’s public policy positions to federal regulatory agencies.  Just prior to AT&T’s 1984 divestiture, he was named Division Manager – RF Engineering, and after divestiture he joined Bellcore (now part of Ericsson), rising to Executive Director of the regulatory and public policy consulting organization. While at Bellcore, Dan helped organize and manage the FCC’s Committee on Advanced Television Services, which led to the adoption of next-generation digital television transmission (HDTV) standards in the US.

Dan was a founding member and three-term president of the National Spectrum Managers Association (NSMA), an FCC-recognized industry standards body.  Since its inception in 1984, Dan has served in a number of other leadership roles in the NSMA, including vice president, chairman of Working Group 3 on frequency coordination procedures, chairman of the Regulatory Committee, chairman of the Bylaws Committee, and NSMA Newsletter editor. In 1990, he was honored by the Association by being named an NSMA Fellow.

Dan has published numerous articles on technology and regulation, and he is the author of the textbook Microwave System Engineering, published by AT&T, and he was the executive editor and co-author of two editions Bellcore’s Guide to New Services and Architectures. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the City College of New York School of Engineering, and an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is also listed in Who’s Who in the Media and Communications, and the International Who’s Who in Information Technology.


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