Microwave Network / Path Design
  • We offer the following Microwave services:
  • Network Design — including site selection, capacity planning, and frequency band selection.

  • Path Line-of-Sight Design — path profiling, based on US geodetic maps and path surveying, to ensure proper path clearances.

  • Performance Assurance — analysis of propagation fading and atmospheric effects on path availability.

  • Interference analysis and channel frequency selection

  • Preparation and distribution of Prior Coordination Notifications

  • Analysis and resolution of any interference-related objections

  • Preparation of the required “Supplemental Showing” on frequency coordination for the FCC license applications

FCC Licensing and Regulatory Support

We offer the following Regulatory Servcies:
  • FCC License Preparation — expert preparation of FCC license application and related forms.

  • FCC Antenna Structure Registration — assessment of the need for an ASR for a new site, and preparation of the associated FCC submission form.

  • FAA Clearance — determination of the need for FAA clearance, and preparation of any required FAA clearance submissions.

  • Regulatory Audits — due diligence reviews of a licensee’s FCC and FAA records, identifications of any errors or gaps, and corrective recommendations.

Our Services

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