Basic Types of FCC Compliance Reports

According to the FCC, compliance may be demonstrated either by a software-based analysis (using the models in FCC Bulletin OET65) or by on-site measurements.  Each approach has its place, as described below.

  • Software-based Report Software-based analysis is appropriate for new sites (obviously, you can’t measure what isn’t there), as well as for existing sites for which modifications are proposed and for which all necessary antenna data is available.  Depending on the particular need, we offer a variety of different software-based reports.  Click here for descriptions of the most commonly requested types of software-based reports.

  • Measurements Report – On-site RF measurements to assess compliance can be required for a number of reasons, including a lack of available data on existing antenna operations at a site, which can preclude an effective software-based assessment.  Other reasons include a municipal or site landlord requirement to confirm compliance.  In addition, measurements are often requested in indoor environments to assure compliance related to rooftop and/or nearby antenna operations.

  • Math Overlay” Report —  A combination of software analysis and measurements is sometimes needed for collocated sites when there is insufficient information on the existing facilities.  The measurements provide baseline information, and a software analysis is performed on the incremental effects of added or modified antennas.

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