We offer a variety of different types of software-based FCC compliance reports based on your needs and the particular intended audience.  Here are the most popularly-requested types of reports.

  • Standard” Report Most municipalities focus on potential exposure of the general public, so they look for a street-level compliance analysis not just for tower sites but also for rooftop sites.  Our “standard” report is suitable for submission as part of applications to land use boards for new sites.

  • Rooftop” Report – Some municipalities require a rooftop compliance analysis along with the standard street-level analysis — and rooftop analyses are often required for internal demonstrations of compliance for regulatory purposes.  Our “rooftop” reports apply to either case, and if requested we can also include RF alert signage and/or other exposure mitigation recommendations as needed.

  • Landlord” Report —  Prospective rooftop site landlords typically focus on “RF leakage” into the top floor of the building, and we have a model for that analysis and can include it in a rooftop report to help demonstrate compliance to a site landlord and specifically the top-floor occupants.

  • Hypothetical Collocation” Report  We’ve developed an algorithm to determine the hypothetical worst-case wireless collocation scenario for new tower sites, to assure stakeholders that even under those circumstances the overall RF levels will be in compliance.

  • DAS Compliance Report Distributed Antenna System (DAS) compliance analyses include street-level calculations, near-field calculations for worker safety, and analyses of the RF levels at any nearby buildings at the same height as the antennas.

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